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Kay Pacha

The Andean Cosmovision considered that nature, man and Pachamama (Mother Earth), are a whole that live closely and perpetually related.

Man has a soul, a life force, and so do all plants, animals and mountains, etc., and being that man is nature itself, it does not dominate, nor does it pretend to dominate it, rather it harmonizes and adapts to coexist in nature,

as part of it.

The world of the Incas is divided into 3:

1-Hanan Pacha, the world above the living,

2-Kay Pacha, world of the living, of the here and now,
where human beings live and spend their lives developed.

3-Ukhu Pacha, the world below, of the dead.

That word is a poetic act to look for new ways of talking about our world and the reality of now.
Of the connection with nature and of our way of looking for ourselves in it.

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