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Documenting Life

Things not said

Once upon a time there was a young man riding on his bike. He traveled trough his land, discovering the sea, ponds and nature.

When he stopped he took out of his pocket a novel of Mouloud Feraoun "The soon of the poor", which tells the story of this child who was a pastor, a student and then a teacher. Driven by strong ambition and dreams, this child struggle constantly to escape his destiny and the novel reflect the emotions of the man riding to discover the new now. This young man also felt like the novelist when he discover new images of his land, still life, animals capture at the decisive moment, unusual shots and beautiful landscapes.
He felt like "Faraoun" writing this powerful phrase, saying goodbye to the tourist "Here is my house, go home..."His will: to capture the silence in a country full of noises and cries, to take advantage of the pure atmosphere in a country where Western pollution was invited a little more every day. To him the photo is to say what is not said and that happens anyway in front of us, it is also to express the blue and the brown speaking in a intimate poetry.

Narrative text by Jean Matthieu Gosselin about the photo project

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