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Personal Projects


Taking time to exercise mind and intellect throughout hours of the day and night,
give your mind time for exploration.
Whether through meditation, or through excavation of your inner devastation.
Let your life be an inspiration, to all of those in contemplation.

Natural spaces sharpen our senses, help us tune in, make us more aware of being alive.
As a result, we almost always relax, and decompress. 
We open, like sky. We slow down, like ground. We breathe freer. We talk less. All of this happens,
well, naturally, without our having to try.

As we transition from our doubts and worries, our gotta-dos and wanna-dos, into greater awareness,
we feel more respect and gratitude for the natural world, more humility about our place in it,
and more reverence for all life. This is just a way of contemplation.

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