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Documenting Life

Venezuela on the way to Colombia: there are those who come walking and those who come to dance.
We now know, looking at the news and the media, that the situation in Venezuela is at a time of crisis.
In recent weeks we are bombarded with local news that show us how people go out on the street to protest against the government and the current political situation and the people live in a dramatic situation.
But I also believe that it is precisely the difficult and warlike things that give us the strength and the will to continue believing in our dreams.
The necessity and the needs that make us suffer helped our own limits and go beyond our own mental and territorial boundaries.
Everybody with without plan,  Venezuelans enters in Colombia with the intention of remaining there are more and more, from all people and all sexes, whole families or only fathers, single mothers who wish to have a better future to their son and also friends who are looking for a dream in common.
And this is precisely what these young Venezuelans have come to, in Colombia to pursue their dream and be able to be overcome both as a person and in their lifestyle.
Chase their dream of a better life and to be able to continue and improve in your discipline: dance.
Dance 4
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